Andrew Wykes

“Emigrated from England to the United States and bringing a lively lineage of teaching and tradition with him, Wykes’ paintings are rooting in the act of seeing and deal with the problem of translating subtle relationships to a flat surface. His observation is a struggle of seeking something constant by extracting from the ephemeral. The surface of his recent paintings (1995) is quite eloquent in the frankness with which it reveals its constructions. “

Andrew Forge 1923 -2002
Teacher, artist, writer, art critic and former Dean of Painting at Yale School of Art.

I recently have enjoyed looking at the paintings of Andrew Wykes. I am impressed with his use of revery as an adjective for colour, which comes over well in the painting Carrowmore 2009. Wykes’ practice of measuring is evident in the work. I have certainly used measure but now recently abandoned as it gets in the way, this is not the case in his work as it helps to keep the painting open and workable. He is a outstandingly individual artist who paints in the mainstream of 20th century English painting. He proves a superb craftsman, with great flair and genuine intuitive gifts.
Painting in England is not going to stop suddenly now; it changes like clothes change depending on the fashion of the time."

Patrick George 1923 - 2016

Doonfeeny graveyard, Ballycastle, Mayo.
McCormick, Wayzata.